running your business on spreadsheet

Running your business on spreadsheet?

Are you using spreadsheets to run your business? Often, we are consulted to improve upon business processes with a plan to automate the operation.

Well, we say often, what we mean is always.  All our clients who are currently using Tabulator to manage their Integrated Management System, used to use Excel. We have met clients who have run everything from accounting, payroll, inventory management, diaries, and project management through spreadsheets. 

The truth is, there is a better way and with a modest investment, you can receive great value and time savings by going with a system like tabulator.

What are some of the problems using spreadsheets to run your business?

Have you ever had to rename a spreadsheet to something like `Accounting_Weekly_11-11-2022_final_version4xlsx`?  We’ve all been there right?  Using spreadsheets becomes difficult to manage, and more often than we hope, can become full of errors.  Think of the time that could be saved to have a simplified process to automate and properly validate the data going in and out of your business. While spreadsheets can be a great tool to highlight specific aspects of a particular process or represent data, it falls short when trying to run your business or even parts of your business.

Here are just a few reasons why spreadsheets fall short for running your IMS:

  • Often, data is that is entered into a spreadsheet has been copied from another system (wasted time and risky)
  • Once you have more than two people (scrub that more than one) they become difficult to share, and collaboration fails.
  • Your historical data is not maintained or managed to adequate standards.
  • Lack of security (who can/should access the data?)
  • As much as you can cram into a spreadsheet, they can struggle to deal with large amounts of data.
  • We rely on what we call the ‘Excel Charlie’. The one person in the firm that knows spreadsheets inside out, keeps the knowledge to himself and, when they aren’t around to help, your business is actually inefficient and at risk.

What’s the Tabulator solution?

Well, the starting point for many companies is to look at the ERP route. However, for many organisations the use of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is cumbersome and expensive.  They come with too many features, overloaded upfront fees, and a suite of ongoing commitments. Simply put, most (if not all) ERP systems are not designed primarily to manage your IMS and an ISO quality assurance pursuit.   

Tabulator makes this process easier and meets your business needs, giving you exactly what you need to ensure your policies, procedures, training, and work orders (and a whole lot more) are managed effectively. Our system makes your business more efficient, reduces operational risks, and gives you peace of mind.

So, if you’re tired of running your business on spreadsheets, please get in touch to see how we can help, starting with a free consultation and product demo.     

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