Our clients asked lots of questions before joining us, so we put together these FAQs. If you have any questions about how Tabulator can streamline your IMS tasks, please get in touch

Frequently Asked Questions

Tabulator is a software platform that helps your business manage your policy and process documents. It allows you to share, store, review and signing off. It’s used across multiple users and teams. It also incorporates a function to create workflows, automating  business critical processes. In addition, it assists you in managing training; asset management; document sharing, and electronic signatures for compliance. It is especially useful for businesses that are seeking to obtain or maintain ISO accreditation

We can have you up and running in an hour or two, with a guided tour. Our clients love how user-friendly Tabulator is, compared to other software applications they may have used. 

As each of our clients is unique the project initiation and implementation phase will be different, however, on average, most of our clients are fully up and running within a number of weeks.

If you have access to the Internet, you are ready to use Tabulator. Tabulator  runs well on any connection ranging from broadband to cellular tablets and smart-phones. Our simplified interface reduces page load time and speeds the user experience. 

Support is available via email and phone, from 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays. We constantly monitor emails and if you have an issue out of hours we will get back to you asap.

Our typical approach to billing is to apply a monthly fee, based on an agreed service charge. However, if you have a favoured approach to billing, say quarterly or annually, we can discuss this with you.  

Many of our clients use Tabulator to help them achieve and retain ISO standards. Tabulator is designed to support your efforts in ISO by streamlining tasks and processes. Some clients use Tabulator to ensure key organisational standards are met. The choice is yours.

Yes. We have a number of clients who manage a FCA regulated loan processing operation, and utilising Tabulator supports their business and sustain their regulatory standards.  

No. We want you to find that Tabulator indispensable, however, if you find Tabulator is not providing you with the benefits you are expecting, we want you to have the freedom to end your contract at any time. 

Tabulator is designed to be flexible and grow with you; there’s a low monthly fee per user and as you grow we can reduce that on a sliding scale. There are two versions, basic and premium.

Yes, we can work with you on that. Tabulator has been built with support from experienced lead auditors who can work with you to produce a suite of documents. We don’t supply a ready-made set of templates, because, in our experience, business specific processes often require tailored documentation. 

Absolutely, this is a core strength and functionality of the Tabulator system. You will always be clear on which skills need to be updated in your organisation, and by what date. You can schedule and store all upcoming courses and use Tabulator to send out automated joining instructions to your colleagues.

The course will appear on their work schedule. After the course has been delivered, you can update Tabulator with the outcomes and save any certificates received.

Yes, you can of course. We look at each custom request and where appropriate provide a costed quotation to carry out the additional work.

Yes, the basic fees cover you for up to 1,000 documents (or 1GB of data); on the premium version storage is unlimited.

No, you can add as many users as you want. Bear in mind that all active users are chargeable (although the cost per user decreases as the user numbers increase).

The Tabulator cloud based infrastructure is located on UK Amazon data centres. Tabulator ensures regular backups of your data are maintained and backup copies can be provided to subscribers upon request. For many small and medium businesses, maintaining a local and secure computer infrastructure is a challenge, so knowing that your quality and compliance data is stored in a 24-hour, fully managed datacentre gives our subscribers peace of mind.

Tabulator can be a valuable tool for any product or service organization regardless of what market you serve. ISO 9001 provides a foundation of business best-practices, but you do not need to be ISO 9001 certified to benefit from Tabulator. Tabulator provides a structure to be ISO 9001 compliant, the certification to ISO 9001 is your organization’s decision to pursue. 

Tabulator recognizes the many ISO9001 consulting firms and freelance ISO9001 quality consultants that lead the continuous improvement efforts in many businesses. Tabulator invites quality management consultants interested in becoming a partner to contact us. As a Tabulator partner, you can help your clients deploy a cloud-based quality management system in very little time, giving your clients a competitive edge and improved compliance. Partners can earn additional revenue while supporting their client base even more effectively. Learn more..

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