Tabulator Integrated Management System IMS provides true cross-business functionality.  With our assistance, our clients get up and running fast.

System Features

  • Central Management of Health and Safety

    Central management, storage and control of organisational ISO policies and procedures.

  • Dashboard Overview

    See and share all your organisations operational procedures and policies in one place.

  • Audit & Review

    Schedule internal external audits, with full system and management review.

  • Supplier Onboarding and Management

    Approval and pre-vetting of vendors. Your suppliers upload their data to Tabulator for you - you review and approve. Automated follow ups to reduce the time you spend on this

  • HR & Training

    Manage equal opportunities policies and records, diversity and skills compliancy.

  • Information Management

    Share documents with colleagues easily, track whether they have been read and digitally signed. Automated follow ups. Organise GDPR and data control procedures. IT security and cyber protection.

  • Asset Management

    Store PUWER Certs & LOLER Certs. Calibration and maintenance records.

  • Work Order Management

    Design, implement and schedule work order operations from one place in a consistent manner.

Integrated Functionality

Our software platform is designed to connect the quality procedures across your organisation, all managed from a central dashboard. Your policies and procedures are consistent both in form and in management. 

Sample Tabulator Screens

Service Approach

Our software solution is modular in design and can be tailored to work across any organisation.

When we work with our clients we have a three stage approach to service delivery. First, we discuss their unique requirements, agree to specific documented project terms of reference and then build out the system to meet their exact organisational requirements. Our FAQ section has answers to more questions. 

Service Overview

You can download our one page overview of our Tabulator IMS software solution in PDF format.

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