How do you record your checklists?

Paper? Spreadsheets? And how do you manage the downstream processes generated by those checklists?

Getting your folks to carry out daily / weekly / monthly checklists for any type of asset – machinery, vehicles, property – is a huge task. And once they have carried out the check, what happens next? You want to know if there’s been an issue, you want to be able to see that everyone has done their checklists, and chase those that haven’t. You want to be able to analyse who carries out checklists regularly and accurately and which assets need preventative or remedial maintenance and a multitude of other time and cost saving follow-ups.

How is your own approach coping with that? How do you gather all those paper copies / spreadsheets in? How do you get the precious data within them into a shape where you can interrogate the data meaningfully? Doing it manually when you have only a few checklists to do is OK, but you can’t scale your business that way. Even businesses with 5 or 10 employees will quickly generate the need for an automated system.
Here’s how it looks with Tabulator: colleagues are reminded automatically by email to carry out checklists on the day they are due. They then pull out their phone, open the app and scan the QR code label on the asset and start the checklist. A simple click answers each question, with space for further comments if needed. At the end, you add some final comments and you can upload pictures too, to further clarify what you have observed. Click Save and you’re done.

Power up your checklists with Tabulator, the IMS Engine

Tabulator then takes your business logic and processes the list. Key employees are notified of defects and action items are automatically created for closing out by the relevant people. The actions items are visible and trackable. Every list ever created for any asset, site inspection or any other purposes is stored in the app, and the rich source of information is available for the right people at the right time.

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